Fiction Illustrated Vol. 1 Schlomo Raven by Tom Sutton, Byron Preiss


A 1976 digest sized early graphic novel. MAD-style parody of Bogie, the Marx Brothers, & Ordon Welles.


Fiction Illustrated was a brief series of comic book stories published in digest size, in various genres. Volume 1 here is “Schlomo Raven,” a detective parody written by series publisher Byron Preiss and illustrated by Tom Sutton. Sutton’s drawing is much in the style of Will Elder’s work on the MAD comics, enough to warrant a laudatory forward by MAD founder Harvey Kurtzman. The two stories see parodies of Bogart, the Marx Brothers, Orson Welles, and more.
This copy has some wear on the cover, but the spine is tight with no creases.
This is a fun read, and early version of the graphic novel.

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