I have stuff for sale!

I have been accumulating thing for many years, and I find the need to let some of it go. Here are links to my “inventory.”

First of all, check out my (still in progress) WooCommerce storefront.

My “shop” seems to have been knocked out of my collection. It is probably my fault for attempting to run it as a separate site so I could use the more suitable theme. I think my most likely remedy is to host it on another site or a second account.

eBay: Books, videos, books, comics, various outdated electronics.


Amazon: While I have been selling stuff through amazon for many year, my Affiliate membership was closed because I could not sell enough stuff through Affiliate links. And I have not found a widget or plugin the works simply with seller accounts. So I gotta link to my store the old-fashioned way: mbmcdermott on Amazon.