Musical Cheese for October 17, 2012

The Gettysburg Address — Lord Buckley — His Royal Hipness — 1956
Gangnam Style! — Psy — 2012
Ruby Baby — The Drifters — 1956
A Cowboy’s Work is Never Done — Sonny & Cher — All I Ever Need is You — 1972
Live — The Merry-Go-Round — 1966
A Quick One, While He’s Away — The Who — A Quick One —1966
The Laughing Song — George W. Johnson — Brown Wax Cylinder Collection ( — 1899
Cocktails for Two — Spike Jones & His City Slickers — Anthology — 1944
Planet Rock — Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force — 12″ single — 1982
Get Dancin’ — Disco Tex & the Sex-o-Lettes — Get Dancin’ — 1975
Hadacol! (That’s All) — The Treniers — They Rock! They Roll! They Swing! — 1952
Nag Nag Nag Nag — Art Brut — It’s a Bit Complicated — 2007
The Rain, the Park and Other Things — The Cowsills — 20th Century Masters — 1967
Kermit Schafer — Rock Around the Blooper — 1956
Jackie Onassis — Human Sexual Response — Figure 14 — 1980

Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow (single version) — Frank Zappa — Apostrophe(‘) — 1974
Don’t Go Near the Eskimos —Ben Colder — single — 1962
Another Way to Die – Jack White & Alicia Keys – “Quantum of Solace” soundtrack – 2008
Woodstock — Matthew’s Southern Comfort — 1970
Shake It — Ian (Iain) Matthews — 1978
Hey, St. Peter – Flash & the Pan — 1978
Whole Lot-ta Shakin’ Goin’ On — Big Maybelle – 1955 (produced by Quincy Jones)
Nut Rocker — B. Bumble & the Stingers — 1962

The Return of Musical Cheese! Sept 12, 2012

Here we are with a new semester at good ol’ WIIT, the voice of Illinois Institute of Technology. The little radio station that could now has a new board and all us DJ’s have had to go in for re-training.

I discovered that this board is much easier to use than the last one,  as long as I don’t try to do anything fancy, like try to put phone calls on the air. The two CD decks will start playing when you hit the “on air” button on the board. And best of all, they have another deck for digital media: Flash drives, USB drives, etc. We are even closer to realizing my dream of being able to bring in all my music for a show on the half-a-postage-stamp sized chip in my cell phone. Continue reading “The Return of Musical Cheese! Sept 12, 2012”

Musical Cheese II: The saga continues!

Now, I don’t know how long I’ll be doing this little broadcast from the studios of WIIT. There may be a job coming down the line that keeps me from coming in for class, who knows? The next podcast could be my last!

So I learned a few things after last week’s opening salvo. First, the Virtual DJ software on my Windows netbook is by default expecting a soundcard installed with two outputs: one for cue and one for air. So whenever I dropped an MP3 track on one of the cue decks, a channel on the song playing on air would cut out. Finally found the configuration to acknowledge that there’s just the one stereo output. Now if I can just figure why the plug feeding the sound board only plays the right channel (I tried my headphone in the jack, that’s pure stereo). For the sake of this podcast, I tracked the right channel into both ears.
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Back in the Booth! My Musical Cheese show

It’s something I’ve awaited for 25 years. I had promised myself that, if by some chance I got myself affiliated with a school or college with a radio station, I would get myself an air shift!

And that one-class certificate course I’m taking at Illinois Institute of Technology is my ticket.
Once I knew I would be going to the downtown campus for a class, I signed up to do a radio shift on WIIT-FM, broadcasting from the campus center on State St.
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Whadya got when ya got no lights?

So two weeks ago we suffered through a major blackout caused by the storm through Downers Grove that was only later defined to be a Tornado. While we only lost a few tree branches, not even the worst storm damage our trees had suffered, parts of the village were ripped up pretty good. The park near us had so many downed branches being pushed to the sidewalk, it looked for a while like you could pretend to be walking along the tops of the trees in a rain forest. Until the leaves started to wither away, revealing the ugly torn branches underneath.
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Hiding out and Hanging out

So, I’m still not Wi-Fi enabled and mobile. But I expect to be shortly. And I’m thinking now of locations to hide or hang out while wasting time surfing the net doing my important writing.
My detached garage has no electricity, though it might be within reach of my Mac Mini’s Air Port. But let’s say you just want to go someplace away from the usual coffee shops and just sit in a quiet spot?
Here is:
#1 College Extension Campus Buildings
My current temp assignment is at the “Naperville Campus” of Northern Illinois University. A nice big, recent building along one of the many Corporeta lining the tollway. During the summer its practically empty except for the occasional seminar. You can be it’s Wi-Fi enabled. And it has plenty of lounging areas besides the classrooms. Pretty much anyone can walk in, and there’s a small cafe, too.
Now I haven’t tested the Wi-Fi, and it may be you need to be a registered student to access it, so you might be SOL if you want free internet, or have a data plan handy. And while there are a few of these “Campus” buildings in local downtowns, I’m thinking a lot of them are a bit of a drive from anybody’s residence. But of you really need a few hours of peace and quiet, here’s a possibility.