TV Yesterdays: September 24, 1955

TV Yesterdays: Saturday, September 24, 1955

Times are Eastern/Central. Based on contemporary TV schedules.

7:00/6:00 p.m.

CBS – Gene Autry

Ransom Cross: Gene becomes involved in an archaeological discovery of an ancient Spanish cross, which causes a battle with crooks. With Pat Buttram (repeat from 1953).

7:30/6:30 p.m.

ABC – Ozark Jubilee

Starring Red Foley, live from the Jewell Theatre, 216 S. Jefferson Avenue, Springfield, Missouri

CBS – Beat the Clock

Quiz and stunt program with Bud Collyer

NBC – The Swift Show Wagon with Horace Heidt and the American Way

Bandleader Horace Heidt visits a different state in each show, featuring performers from that state.

8:00/7:00 p.m.

CBS – America’s Greatest Bands

Paul Whiteman hosts this summer series, greeting guests Harry James, Eddy Howard, Machito and Hal McIntyre.

NBC – Perry Como

Guests: Boxer Archie Moore, Patti Page, Peter Lawford and the wives of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball players.

9:00/8:00 p.m.

CBS – Two For the Money

Quiz show. Contestant pairs win money by giving alternating answers to questions, and chat with host Herb Shriner.

NBC – People Are Funny

Audience participation with Art Linkletter.

9:30/8:30 p.m.

CBS – Ford Star Jubilee

The Judy Garland Special. The debut of CBS’s first color series is a 90 minute musical revue with Judy Garland, produced by Judy’s husband Sid Luft. In Judy’s TV debut, she sings a medley of “Carolina In Tne Morning”, The Trolley Song” and “Get Happy”. With guests David Wayne she duets on “A Couple of Swells” from her film Easter Parade, debuts a new song, “This is the Time of the Evening,”  sings “Swanee” and “For Me and My Gal,” and ends with a tearful rendition of “Over the Rainbow.”

NBC – Texaco Star Theatre

With sponsorship of Tuesday night’s Milton Berle program taken over by Buick, Texaco sponsored this half-hour series, with Jimmy Durante hosting in rotation with Donald O’Connor. From “Club Durant,” Jimmy greets singer Toni Arden and boxer Max Baer.

10:00/9:00 p.m.

ABC – The Stork Club

Sherman Billingsly hosts talk and music from his legendary New York City nightclub.

NBC – And Here’s the Show

This summer replacement for The George Gobel Show. Ransom Sherman and Jonathan Winters, with guest Sue Carson.

WBKB – Tom Duggan Show

A nightly talk show from Chicago’s local ABC affiliate (now WLS). Tom Casey, Judy Jones, Betty Bryan and Buddy Charles visit.

10:30/9:30 p.m.

NBC – Your Hit Parade

Snooky Lanson, with singers Dorothy Collins, Giselle MacKenzie and Russell Arms.

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